Twitter: declares Trump unreliable

The big moment has arrived. On Tuesday night 3/11, the ballot boxes of an electoral contest that will decide the next American president close.

According to information, more than 75 million American citizens have already voted and by Tuesday night a total of 100 to 180 million people will have voted.

The Republican president of the United States, of course, continues to provoke, as for months he has not agreed to participate in the electoral process by mail. According to the president, the participation in the elections by mail will facilitate the fraud in the current presidential elections.

But let's see what happened on Twitter. The site management placed a special tag on a message from the president and prevented it from being reposted on the platform (retweet). The marking states:

In fact, Twitter mentions Trump as unreliable, as it explicitly mentions it in the tweet. Of course, we should mention that the whole outcome of today's presidential election may finally be decided in the courts, since Trump is expected to file a lot of appeals, especially if he does not like the result.

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