Ultrasurf hide your IP for free and encrypt all your communications

Ultrareach Internet Corp., founded in 2001 by a small group of Silicon Valley engineers, is dedicated to promoting the free exchange of information. In 2002, they released Ultrasurf, one of the most popular anti-censorship software in the world.

The free Ultrasurf app allows internet users to bypass censorship.ultrasurf

The tool was originally designed for Internet users in mainland China, where the Internet is heavily censored and all Internet users' activities are monitored. With the release of Ultrasurf and other circumvention tools, the free access and sharing of information was achieved. After nearly two decades of development, the technology has proven to be highly resilient and adaptable against increasingly advanced censorship techniques and aggressive blocking efforts.

The team's success in helping Internet users in China surf the Internet freely and safely has attracted the attention of other Internet users beyond China's borders. Today, Ultrareach has millions of users from more than 180 countries.

Ultrasurf also helps Internet users encrypt their communications and protect their IP address from the websites they visit.


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Ultrasurf Chrome Extension

Ultrasurf (Windows Client)

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