Vacuum robot attacked the owner while he was asleep

The smart vacuum cleaners (robot) have gained a reputation and place in our homes as they offer autonomous robotic technology in an essential daily care of a home such as cleaning. But there is no intelligent technology that does not have an unfortunate or strange moment.Vacuum-Cleaner robot

A woman in South Korea he acquired a robust robot vacuum cleaner some time ago. A vacuum cleaner of these small, circular, flat-shaped discs that, thanks to robotic technology, can roam around the house on small wheels and collect all the garbage from the floor such as dust, seeds, shavings, toasters, remains and other things that accumulate with time in every corner of the house.

A busy 52 year old woman is sure to appreciate the idea and the ability to assign the task of daily wiping to something automated. Unfortunately, the woman at noon decided to take a nap on the floor after she let her vacuum cleaner turn to luck.

The experience she had that day would probably hurt her as the robot finally came at her and decided that her hair was rubbish. The woman was forced to call the fire department for help, to free her from the jaws of the dwarf. Fortunately, the fire brigade finally rescued her without any serious injuries.

Of course, it is worth noting that in Japan and South Korea manufacturers of such machines have already drawn attention to consumers, as it is commonplace for these countries to sleep on the floor.

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