Video Speed ​​Controller: Video Speed ​​Controller for Google Chrome

Video Speed ​​Controller (Video Speed ​​Controller) is a free extension for Chrome that offers you more features while playing a video.

Most video sites only offer basic playback information. You can pause playback, go to the next video, change the sound, and modify the audio media options. Some of these offer additional advanced controls, such as YouTube, for example, that has a playback speed selection on its menu to increase or decrease playback speed.

The Video Speed ​​Controller is a free extension for Chrome, which adds a button overlay to HTML5 videos. It does not work on all sites. However, it works on most video streaming sites, such as YouTube where it works perfectly.

The overlay that adds the extension appears when you place your mouse over the video. If you do, you will see the current playback speed and two main options:

  • Increase or decrease the video playback speed in .10 steps.
  • Pass 10 seconds in front or back.

Just select any of the options to activate the feature. Chrome users who prefer keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse can also use the following shortcuts:
Speed ​​Reduction - V
Speed ​​increase - D
Step Back - Z
Step Ahead - X
Restore speed -R
Preferred speed - G

Simply press the above buttons to activate the function while the video is playing. You do not need to place the mouse pointer over the video to make the shortcuts work.

The Video Speed ​​Controller supports two additional shortcuts that you can assign to your favorite keys. You can add "mute" or "pause" shortcuts to execute them at the touch of a button.

Also, because the extension does not work on all sites, it provides you with a Blacklist with sites so the extension can be disabled when these sites are loaded.

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