VLC easy conversion of video and audio files

Do you want to convert a video or audio file to another format? THE open source VLC application can do it for you. It has many useful features, such as a fast and easy audio and video converter.

Below we will see how you can convert media files with the VLC application.


To start the conversion, open VLC and click Media> Convert / Save or Convert / Save.


Click on “Add” (Add) to the right of the “Choose files” list on the “File” tab. Find the video or audio file you want to convert and select it to edit.

After selecting the file you are interested in, click Convert / Save at the bottom right (next to Cancel).

At “Μετατροπή” (convert), επιλέξτε τον κωδικοποιητή βίντεο ή  ήχου που θέλετε. Για παράδειγμα, για να μετατρέψετε ένα βίντεο σε τυποποιημένη μορφή MP4, επιλέξτε “ – H.264 + (MP4)”. To convert an audio file to an MP3 that will work almost everywhere, select “Audio – MP3”.

Click on Profile for more options. In our example we chose to convert a video file to a file that we can upload to YouTube.

Click "Browse" and select a location and file name to save it.

When done, click the “Button” button” to perform the conversion.

This feature is much more convenient than it looks. In addition to converting video and audio files with the VLC application you can:

  • Convert a video file to MP3 or other audio format and extract the audio from a video file.
  • Convert a DVD to a video file by copying the contents of the DVD.
  • Copy everything you do to the surface your computer.
  • Batch-convert multiple files at the same time by adding multiple files to the Select File list after clicking the Convert / Save button.

Good luck!


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