WebExtensions common plugins for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge

Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla created the WebExtensions Community Group to define a common API model and kernel for browser extensions.

The newly formed team is part of the World Wide Web Consortiums (W3C) and invites "other browser builders, extension developers and other stakeholders to join this effort."


The main goal of the team is to create future templates for web extensions that make it easier for extension developers to improve the end-user experience, while distributing APIs that improve performance and prevent any abuse.

The team plans to use the existing browser extensions and API model Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge as a foundation to create specifications for current and current extensions.

The current WebExtensions system, which is used by the founders of the team, will greatly help the group's goal. All four browsers support WebExtensions, after Apple announced last year that Safari's browser would change its extensions.

In terms of compatibility, the team strives to "maintain and improve compatibility with popular existing extensions and extension APIs" to ensure that developers can release their extensions to different browsers without having to rewrite them. from beginning.

The team intends to use the current WebExtensions system as the foundation for creating a common version of WebExtensions that will support all four major browsers. Sounds like a good idea, but let's see what will happen with the implementation, but also with the opinion of the dev.

Read more from the project page on GitHub

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