What do you know about WordPress?

The following article is a presentation of the platform that uses iGuRu.gr to go online. Of course we mean it web content management system (WCMS), of WordPress.com. However, to understand how popular the platform is, we should take a look at the statistics presents the company itself.

Every WordPress blog includes an integrated statistics system, known as Jetpack. According to the company's software, over 409 millions of people read more than 14,7 billions of pages each month.
WorPress CMS users publish about 44,5 million new articles and write 56.700.000 new reviews each month.

If you are wondering in which order of ranking it is WorPress compared to other publishing platforms, you can see the Google Trends chart which compares some of the top platforms.

The company runs two different domains, WordPress.com and WordPress.org. What is the difference between WordPress.com and WorPress.org?
WorPress.com is a service hosting WorrdPress blogs (hosting Service), while WorPress.org is an open source community that essentially writes the WordPress CMS code. It is also the domain where you can download the software for free to run it on your own web server.

WorthPress blogging is owned by Automattic, which recently came to the market looking for funding, and the company is estimated to cost 1 a billion dollars, according to Fortune magazine.

Η Automattic reportedly looking for from 100 to 150 million dollars of funding according to Mashable.

Who Post with WorPress?

TechCrunch. TED, CNN, and many others are WorPress users.


The WorPress platform is translated into 120 languages. Below are 10 most used languages:

  1. English 66%
  2. Spanish 8.7%
  3. Portuguese 6.5%
  4. Indonesian 3.5%
  5. Italian 2%
  6. German 1.8%
  7. French 1.4%
  8. Russian 1.1%
  9. Vietnamese 1.1%
  10. Swedish 1.0%

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