What's wrong with Fifa's translated page?


They are gods in there Fifa. Either they have a complete sense of humor or they have never heard of automatic translations. THE of Google hit the official website of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association.

When making some websites and even the most famous event, the 2014 World Championship to be held in Brazil must pay particular attention to what it writes as it will be read from around the world. Indeed, when it gives the user the convenience of choosing the language of his choice and seeing the page translated by Google, then things become more demanding.

But in Fifa something is wrong …….  See her official page, which is in the English language, as presented in at the beginning of our article and then ask to see it in Greek. The option is on the left in the menu. After google translates it, look at the menu again and tell us what is wrong !!!!!

As can be seen, Google's algorithm recognizes the balls as something else.


We are waiting for them your,

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Written by Dimitris

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