WhatsApp allows you to edit sent messages

WhatsApp users will now be able to make mistakes, since the company is giving them the ability to edit their messages within 15 minutes of choosing to send.

Reuters he says:

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"For those times when you make a mistake or simply change your mind, you can now edit your sent messages on WhatsApp," says a post on the Meta Platforms Inc.-owned messaging app's blog.

The new feature will roll out globally in the coming weeks, and as mentioned above senders will be able to modify their messages within 15 minutes of sending.

You'll be able to access the feature by long-pressing on the message and selecting “edit” from the drop-down menu. The modified message will be labeled “edited”, but no edit history will be displayed.

Competing apps like Telegram and Signal already allow users to edit their messages, while microblogging site Twitter introduced the ability to edit tweets to select users last year.

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