Windows 10 with error messages and for beginners

Microsoft plans to improve the installation of Windows 10 by adding better and more explanatory messages to the errors that may occur.

We will see the changes from the upcoming Windows 10 version 1903.

The company presented the current and the new operation in the latter Windows Insider Webcast in the Mixer. If you want to watch the video, it starts after the one hour mark.

The company recognized that the current system is not suitable for providing novice users with the necessary information to help them fix presented during installation (or upgrade).

Current versions of Windows 10 usually display an ID from the base from Microsoft, but novice users don't know what to do with the instructions.

The present options in case of an error are to return to a previous setting, end the setting or refresh your screen. Renewal of course does not change anything.

But the upcoming major update of Windows 10, will bring changes to of the installation, with new messages about the errors that may occur.

The messages, according to the company, will be understandable, will give users more information and will suggest appropriate actions to address each issue immediately.

The following image shows a new Windows Update error message asking the user to remove certain applications in the version of Windows 10 they are using.Windows 10

The new function will give more information than the Windows compatibility mode found applications that are incompatible with the new version of Windows.

It will add icons to each application, and include a "learn more" link. Along with these, it will have options for each of the mentioned applications.

There will also be a link to general information about the problem facing each user and accompanied by a KB support article.

The new addition of Microsoft will satisfy many users, because until today the knowledge database of the company did not help so much the majority of friends of the operating system. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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