Why I'm not going to publish a new Windows 10 build again

Microsoft has stopped releasing new builds of Windows 10 through Windows Insider, something that will last until the beginning of January, as the development team is absent on vacation. So the friends of the platform will start experiencing "big moments" again from the first weeks of 2017.

The upcoming release of Windows 10 Redstone 2 (also known as the Windows 10 Creators Update), which is the next major update to the Microsoft operating system, has nearly completed the development of new features and is preparing to focus specifically on stability and performance improvement bugs.Windows 10

The model has been known in the Linux community for some time, and is called a rolling release. Community developers develop various distributions on a rolling platform, enabling the end user to use any new technology on the market…

But none of them does it as Microsoft does. You will say yes, it's marketing!

But many of you, without putting yourself out there, "buy" what Microsoft sells us.

You do not understand; I will explain it below.

The company has recently created a very remarkable Windows promotion campaign, which benefits from a lot of opinions.

First as we have mentioned in previous publications, has turned half the world into product testers, and the other half into users of operationally dubious quality. Let's remind you that since the rush of Windows 10, the company has placed an incomplete default browser (yes, I'm talking about Edge).

Which is the quality that is worth every customer who has paid a lot of money to buy a reliable, quality operating system?

Second: With the circulation and the proper promotion through the media (here is my responsibility) every irrelevant build, creates a "fuss" around its name and the name of its operating system. Of course this benefits her as even negative advertising is better than no advertising and no obscurity.

Especially when the news "pops up" that Microsoft released a new build with many new features (even if these are new emoticons).
New builds, rumors of upcoming releases and very well-leaked inside information leak the new Windows 10 myth into super duper functionality, something that should be a given as people pay for to obtain it.

Linux, on the other hand, although it offers very reliable distributions, I think it is wronged by the majority. It does not adopt the aggressive product promotion policy that Microsoft uses, nor does it show foggers the addition of new smilies. So it's not as appealing to the general public, or at least to those who consider it important to add small icons. But if you think of them, they are among those who have made Microsoft famous.

The idea for this article came to me when I read somewhere that Windows 10 Redstone 2 is almost ready, and that Microsoft is also preparing to start developing the Redstone 3, which reportedly will be released in the autumn of next year.

So you can imagine what will follow in the media in the near future. So because as I mentioned above I have "bought" and I know what Microsoft sells us and I have a responsibility because I publish every build that is released, I decided to abstain. At least from the builds.
Yes we will lose clicks, but I refuse to support a functional I do not use, and the game of Micrsoft.
Anyone who wants new builds will become an official Microsoft tester.

I apologize to the company and the company's friends Windows 10 who downloaded the ISOs from our website, but the internet is big and whoever searches finds….

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