Windows 10 October 2018 Update view the dark theme

A new theme (dark theme) that we expect in the upcoming Windows 10 is File Explorer, Microsoft's default file manager. The company he said earlier this year a new dark version was also developed.

The release of the new feature will take place with the October 2018 Update this autumn.Windows 10

How to turn on the new dark theme

What is important to know is that the dark theme does not come on by default and you should manually turn it on by the settings.

Microsoft has not given the dark theme of File Explorer a stand-alone setting, and you should look for it in the visual style used in Windows 10.

In other words, to use the dark theme, you must enable the visual style in Windows 10. To do this, open the Settings - Personalization - Colors application and Select the default application mode - Dark.

Ή for those who use English Settings - Personalization - Colors - Choose your default app mode - Dark.

This will make all Windows 10 applications with dark theme.

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