Windows 10 Professional OEM with 3 Euro

Windows 10 Professional OEM for 3 euros: It is known that from January 14, 2020, the will stop arguing with security updates on Windows 7 system. This is of course expected by the company and its developers, as current Windows 7 users will have to upgrade to the operating system it has been promoting for so long: Windows 10.

Windows 10 Professional OEM

If you are one of those who are thinking of upgrading, see the following offer:

Microsoft Windows 10 Professional (OEM / Retail) at € 3.03 and € 8.31 respectively.

What's the difference;

It's made of διαφορετικές εκδόσεις. Η μια είναι μια retail έκδοση κατευθείαν από την και με όλα τα χαρακτηριστικά της ενεργά, ενώ η OEM έκδοση διατίθεται από μεγάλους κατασκευαστές συσκευών. Η OEM έκδοση είναι limited.

It can be activated on a PC, and it does not have it phone support. The OEM key cannot be used to upgrade from Windows 7 or 8.1. But it works great for some fresh clean install.

The retail version does not have these three restrictions. As for everything else, it is exactly the same product.

According to the above, if you want to upgrade from Windows 7 use the retail key, while if you are thinking about a clean installation the OEM key is cheaper and will work fine (but only on the computer where you will install and activate it for the first time).

The retail key can be activated on a different computer, as long as it is disconnected from the first one.

Reliability: we tried them of the company and they work without any problems. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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  1. Good morning,

    Every day and at the first opportunity you sound like a website the risk of shopping online and how careful we have to be etc etc etc…

    And here you have a website with quite attractive prices but… ..
    without ANY element of the "store" and of course payment exclusively by credit card… .. (not even by bank deposit…)

    So keeping in mind everything you tell us from time to time… why should we trust them even if we put our card details on a website of dubious quality (since it does not provide any information about it); And how do we know, for example, that he just does not give a key ... and then steals the card details ?? Why trust someone who is hiding ??


  2. You chose 3 euro and 10,40 comes out, and without the proposed buyout.
    Choose 8,13 and 15,40
    How to trust someone else who says in the showcase and others at the fund ????

  3. Interesting suggestion.

    Have you already tried it?

    When buying it actually says 8 € and something but when you put it in the basket it says 15 € and something.

    It also does not have store and payment details with credit, not PayPal.
    It scares you a little if you think that if something goes wrong in the process then you probably lost your money because there is no way to communicate!

    I do not know…..

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