Windows 10 Professional OEM with 3 Euro

Windows 10 Professional OEM with 3 euros: It is known that from January 14, 2020, Microsoft will stop arguing with security updates in the Windows 7 operating system. This of course awaits the company and its developers, as current Windows 7 users will have to upgrade to the operating system they have been promoting for so long: Windows 10.

Windows 10 Professional OEM

If you are one of those who are thinking of upgrading, see the following offer:

Microsoft Windows 10 Professional (OEM / Retail) at € 3.03 and € 8.31 respectively.

What's the difference;

They are two different versions. One is a retail version directly from Microsoft and with all its features active, while the OEM version is available from major device manufacturers. The OEM version is limited.

It can be activated on a PC, and does not have free phone support. The OEM key cannot be used to upgrade from Windows 7 or 8.1. But it works perfectly for some new clean installation.

The retail version does not have these three restrictions. As for everything else, it is exactly the same product.

According to the above, if you want to upgrade from Windows 7 use the retail key, while if you are thinking about a clean installation the OEM key is cheaper and will work fine (but only on the computer where you will install and activate it for the first time).

The retail key can be activated on a different computer, as long as it is disconnected from the first one.

Reliability: we tried the company keys and they work without any problems.



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