Windows 10: How to Control Your Mouse with a Keyboard

Do you know that you can handle your mouse with a keyboard in Windows 10? Read this article to see how.


There are several reasons why you might want to configure your keyboard to use it as a mouse. For example, you can use a wireless mouse and end your battery so you can not work as you like.

Perhaps more importantly, controlling the mouse via a keyboard is a useful feature for people with disabilities, as pressing the keyboard keys is easier than gripping a mouse with the whole hand.

Whatever your needs, if you want to learn how to cope if you can't handle your mouse on Windows 10, read the rest of this article.

Check your mouse with a keyboard
The "Control your mouse with the keyboard" function is integrated in the "Ease of Access" settings in Windows 10. Go to the "Settings" application. (You can just press Win + I at the same time)

In the "Settings" window, click on "Facilitate Access". Then click "Mouse" in the window on the left and click on the slider under "Control your mouse with the keyboard" to activate it.

You have activated your keyboard keys like a mouse. By default, you should have Num Lock enabled in order to function. You can use the numeric keypad on the right side of your keyboard to control the mouse.

We recommend that you increase the pointer speed to the maximum - otherwise the pointer is too slow. Pressing the "Hold down Ctrl" button is also a good idea, as it allows you to speed up and slow down the cursor using the Ctrl and Shift keys as modifiers.

See the corresponding numeric key functions below:

To move the mouse pointerKey
Top and left7
Up and right9
Down and left1
Down and Right3
Click the mouse5
Change click to left click/
Change the click button to right-click-
Accelerate the movement of the pointerHold Ctrl
Reduce the movement of the pointerHold Shift

And if you do not have Numpad?
Not all Numpad keyboards, the group of keys on the right that resembles a computer keys. The fact that they are not used often, as well as the space-saving, many laptops and some keyboards do not include them.

In this case you can use a third-party application, the NeatMouse. It is free, lightweight and allows you to set your own keys and is generally much more powerful than Windows Mouse Keys.

Download it, install it and run it. Click the icon below to reveal more options from which you can specify which keyboard buttons will act like mouse buttons and mouse speed and whether you want NeatMouse to turn on every time you start your computer.

You can also change the button that activates the mouse function on the keyboard, while the "Emulate only with" drop-down menu allows you to set a button that you have to hold down to work.

You can even set multiple profiles using the green "+" icon, with different settings depending on the software you are using and so on.

Some users do not like installing third-party applications when they are not needed, but if you want a more customizable and smooth way to mimic mouse mode on your keyboard, then NeatMouse is the best solution. In addition to having more control, the mouse pointer runs much more smoothly, as the corresponding Windows function may be somewhat unstable.



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