Windows 10: Settings with a new disk management tool

Microsoft continues to move tools from the old Windows Control Panel to the modern Windows 10 Control Panel located in Settings. This time he carried it disk management, and to match the UI of Windows 10, changed its appearance.

Από τη στιγμή που η Microsoft έφερε τις νέες ρυθμίσεις στα Windows 8, οι μπερδεύτηκαν καθώς ορισμένα εργαλεία υπήρχαν διπλά.

To use the new modern Windows settings, or the old Control Panel tools they've known for so long?

Old disk management application

So then Microsoft announced that it would be moving Control Panel tools to the modern Windows 10 settings page. Years have passed and the still in transit.

The new version of Windows 10 for Insiders (build 20197), Microsoft added a modern 'Manage Disks and Volumes' program which seems to fit best in Settings.

This new tool allows Windows 10 users to view all of the disk, create and format the partitions and rename each with letters disk.

The new tool is in the path: Settings – System – Save and do in Disk and Partition Management.

Microsoft has stated that it does not currently replace the existing disk management tool. So Windows users will still be able to use it if they want to. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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Written by giorgos

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  1. I agree with the logic of MS developers that since Windows 10 is (in every version) a new operating system, it does not fit to see elements that we have encountered for 20 years now.
    However, no matter how good you are at learning to use Windows Settings, there are many more steps to using the tools available in Control Panel, and changing their names is not just a matter of habit but and logical processing.
    In our case it would be smart if with a right click on the hard drive you also had the menu option for Disk Management.
    Ίδωμεν. If the Management is removed from the right click of the Computer, we will have a problem

    • It does not hurt me to work with elements that we have been meeting for 20 years now as long as they are functional and reliable. This is the deeper meaning of an "operating system"… to be functional (as the word itself says).
      That is, if they made it look like the MiniTool Partition or the Paragon Partition or the Easus Partition, would "feng shui" spoil them?

      Somewhere I read that they are preparing to remove the classic Control Panel… there to see cracking.

  2. And do not dare to remove the classic disk management program because I will change the laptop with a MacBook!

    Well there at Microsoft they have no other job. Instead of making the technicians' job easier, they go and change the Windows tools with "fru-fru and perfumes". Instead of enriching the old with new features so that you do not need a bunch of third-party tools to do your job, they spoil what they have for 'design' reasons.

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