Windows 10 intends to delete Control Panel

It has been more than eight years since Microsoft first released the new settings screen with Windows 8. When Windows 10 was announced, Microsoft said it planned to include Control Panel until it expands with all of its options, and improves the Settings app.

With Windows 8, Microsoft had brought in the Settings app only the basic options for customizing the operating system and setting up the device, while maintaining the Control Panel for those looking for advanced features.

But in recent years with the advent of Windows 10, the settings have become more functional and stable. THE Control Panel is still part of Windows 10, but apparently Microsoft plans to delete it.

The Control Panel is packed with gadgets that allow you to configure and control the operating system. Provides a quick way to get information about your system, including processor, memory, manufacturer, system type, and more.

In Windows 10 Build 20161, which was sent to Insiders, there was a new Start menu and Microsoft began redirecting the Control Panel "System" page to the Settings page under Settings> System> About.

There, if you click the "Copy" button, you will be able to copy the device name, processor, memory, device ID, product ID, system type, and pen / touch information.

The new version of Windows 10 for Insiders, indicates that Microsoft is currently trying to improve the Settings application before completely disabling Control Panel.

Microsoft does not intend to bury Control Panel any time soon, but there are plans to replace Control Panel in Settings. There are still several functions that Microsoft must transfer to Settings before deleting it completely. For example, the Settings application does not have a corresponding page for "Additional Power Settings", which still opens through the Control Panel.

It is also worth noting that relocation is not going to be a short-term change. The control migration will be done gradually and the individual pages will be redirected when the settings are completed.

In one post on the Windows blog, Brandon LeBlanc, Program Manager for Windows Insider, said: "If you rely on settings that only exist in Control Panel, please comment and tell us what those settings are."

The dashboard, however, will remain accessible in Windows 10 for the year 2021.

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