Windows 10: Monitor you even if you disable everything

In previous articles, we mentioned the privacy concerns of users of the new Windows 10 operating system, and we proposed solutions to disable several controversial features, such as Wi-Fi Sense. Meanwhile, the Internet has filled out Windows feature disabling applications that help Microsoft collect data.

Unfortunately, all these apps and alternatives do not really help, as Microsoft continues to monitor you even after these features have been disabled.Windows 10 Spying

Let's see how showing Cortana and Bing searches.

The features of Windows 10 Cortana and Bing continue to communicate with Microsoft servers and send data even when you have them turned off!

A technical analysis by Ars has shown that even if you change all Microsoft settings to protect your privacy, it appears that Windows 10 is still communicating with the company's servers by constantly sending information.

Even ifCortana and Web search from the Start menu are disabled, communication with is still for a file called threshold.appcache and sends Cortana information whenever a user opens the Start menu and starts typing.

The voice assistant of the Cortana operating system sends the information that identifies the user's computer and continues to do so at each restart. This allows Microsoft to distinguish Cortana requests from different computers.

The worrying thing is that Cortana Digital Assistant sends this data even if it's off.

An additional rather worrying finding of Ars' technical research is that Microsoft continues to send data to its servers through the Live tiles of the Start menu.

Even if you remove all tiles, Windows 10 will reinstall them from Microsoft.

Let's also say that Windows 10 handles your personal information with unencrypted HTTP connections, clearly exposing users to malicious factors that might interfere with traffic between users and the company.

The company, of course, reported that all communications between a Windows 10 computer and Microsoft are necessary for the end user's best experience.

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