Windows 10: Users are not happy with the updates

The only complaint users of Windows 10 have is their approach to security and feature updates. Monthly cumulative updates and updates twice a year are installed automatically, can lead to unexpected restarts that disrupt productivity and risk losing an unsaved job.

This problem is especially painful for anyone running a Windows 10 Home that does not offer settings for delaying or postponing these updates.

The original version of Windows 10 was released almost four years ago, and Microsoft has modified the automatic updates by adding Active Hours settings to ensure that mandatory restarts are less annoying. Recent feature updates (major updates every six months) also display more visible alerts for pending updates.

Are these changes enough for the above problems? A new study by a team of British researchers shows that Microsoft will probably have to change its operating system much more.

The study is entitled "In Control with No Control: Perceptions and Reality of Windows 10 Home Edition Update Features (PDF), ”And was presented this week at the Workshop on Usable Security (USEC) 2019 held in San Diego, California.

Researchers Jason Morris, Ingolf Becker and Simon Parkin from University College London created a detailed model of the Windows 10 update process and then followed a team of 93 Windows 10 Home users.

The conclusions;

In general, the survey respondents believe that the approach of Windows 10 to updates is better than that of the first versions. Among participants who had experience with previous versions of Windows, 53% said they felt that updating Windows 10 was easier, compared with only 8% who found the process difficult.

Similarly, the majority of respondents agreed that the Windows 10 update process causes fewer interruptions than in previous versions (43% agreed, 21% disagreed).

What Microsoft has failed to do, according to the researchers, is develop a system of updates that is universally understood and does not depend on the properties of the system.
This system, shown in the diagram below, is too complex for the average home user to understand.

Windows 10

Function Active Hours received very negative reviews, as the researchers claim that the default settings were inappropriate for 97% of the people who took part in their tests.

Another notable finding of this particular research is that users do not understand how often updates are released, and do not understand the difference between monthly quality updates and half-yearly updates that bring new features.

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  1. How to be happy with 4gb update update every month with the risk of running and format?
    It is also the most vulnerable.
    No other user has the right to make changes anywhere.
    On Linux and Mac and getting a virus that can not get in, it will not be able to spread without root access.
    Antivirus needs to run all day and delay the computer, while at the same time everyone who publishes the application's installation package, 1 2 3 sends you extra applications that send you viruses or ads.
    Bullshit. Very awfully functional.

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