Edge the first leaks of the Chromium-based version

Microsoft is expected to be released in the coming months the Edge browser that will use Chromium as a basis, and while the development of the new app continues, there has been a random leak that gives us more insight into progress.


Chris Heilmann, Open Web Programs Manager and Microsoft Browsers, sent a tweet with an image including, among others, the new browser icon with the task bar.

As you can see in the following picture posted by Heilmann, the Microsoft Edge browser that uses Chromium as a base has a yellow icon instead of blue, but retains the same design on the logo.Edge

The icon is also labeled "CAN", indicating that the browser is still in Canary development. For those unfamiliar, the term Canary is used by Google for early versions of the Chrome browser and serves as a testing platform for new features that are in the experimental stage.

Two different images also reveal how the new Edge Browser installation screen will look like. #LetsBuildTogether could indicate that Microsoft is planning to present the first version of Chromium-based Edge at the Build developer this spring.

There is currently no confirmed date when BUILD 2019 could be made.

The updated Microsoft Edge program is expected to maintain the look and feel of the existing version, but Microsoft says that changing the base to Chromium can improve the browsing experience for all users of the app.

Microsoft Edge based on Chromium: traffic as a simple installer

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