Windows 11 22H2 cuts updates to unsupported hardware

You know that Windows 11 has very strict hardware requirements, but also some of them can be bypassed. So many (the adventurous) have installed the "stable" version of Windows 11 on devices that are not officially supported.

But the upcoming Windows 11 22H2 looks set to change the game.


Windows 11 running on an unsupported computer will not be able to upgrade to the latest Beta.

The Beta channel has just got its first version 22H2, (build 22581), which is also available on the Dev channel.

This allows Insiders to switch quickly between the two channels. In the change log, the Redmond company reports the availability of an updated taskbar, minor aesthetic changes, and several general improvements.

However, the change log says nothing about changes to the updated operating system upgrade behavior. From this version if your device does not have TPM or does not meet other hardware requirements, you will not be able to install the latest version even from the Beta channel.

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According with the source, the affected device could be updated without any problems before the latest release of Windows 11. So if you are running Windows 11 on an unsupported computer, be prepared for a "door" with the 22H2 update.

At least until the next hack is found.

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