Windows 11 available on more compatible devices

Microsoft has launched Windows 11 on more computers. A Microsoft statement indicates that the company has begun promoting Windows 11 on devices that meet the minimum hardware requirements after Insiders tested them for a while.

There are many who confirm that the wider distribution of Windows 11 has started if the company's conditions are met. However, it seems that some users can not yet download Windows 11.11 windows update

Microsoft started testing Windows 11 in July and some users received the upgrade to October 5, although the operating system was never widely available beyond a small group of supported devices.

In a message posted to the admin center, the company said that Windows 11 will now be available to more users when they check for updates. Microsoft also said the release is based on the company's latest machine learning model.

"We recommend that you upgrade your devices to Windows 11 to take advantage of the latest features and advanced security protection." says Microsoft.

Microsoft is of course convinced that making the operating system available through machine learning will allow more devices to be safely upgraded to Windows 11.

It remains to be seen in practice, to those who at least meet the conditions set by the company.

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