Windows 11 Home hack to create a local account

The ISO of Windows 11 ISO leaked this week, enabled many friends of the operating system to try out Microsoft's upcoming system. In the few days that the build is released, various of the testers were discovered. One of them is below.

As we mentioned in previous publication, the Redmond company is forcing users to link to their Microsoft accounts when installing a new operating system, effectively cutting local accounts.


The solution on desktops is to disconnect the ethernet cable and select the "I do not have internet" option to allow the installation to create a local account.

For Windows 11 Home users, however, this no longer works - unless the company modifies upcoming releases.

We tested it on many VMs but also on a regular machine and noticed that on the screen that prompts users to connect to a Wi-Fi network, there is no "I do not have Internet" option to select after creating a local account.

Unlike Windows 11 Pro, the "Login Options" menu does not contain the "Offline Account" option. This is how you should create if you do not have or sign in to a Microsoft account. This happens even if you are not connected to the Internet.

So let's look at a simple solution.

When Windows 11 Home prompts you to connect to a network, press Alt + F4 together and the message will close. Your local account creation page will appear directly on your screen - something that is not offered in the usual way.

The hack bypasses the login screen of a Microsoft account.

We do not know at this time if this hack will continue to work when Microsoft officially releases the beta versions of Windows 11 on June 24, or in the final version that will be released sometime next fall.

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