Windows 11 Online Experience Packs coming soon

Microsoft has been developing the "Windows Experience Pack" for some time now and is currently available in both Windows 10 and Windows 11. But in addition to the Windows Experience Pack, Microsoft is experimenting with another update delivery system called Online Service Experience Packs ”.

Like Windows Experience Packs, Online Experience Packs will be a new way to provide features to Windows 11 users without the need to download a new operating 11 laptop

Microsoft has released the first version of the Online Service Experience Pack for Insiders following the Dev channel and it obviously works in a similar way to the Feature Experience Pack.

Microsoft plans to improve the Windows Settings application through the Online Service Experience Packs. These packages will allow the company to make changes to the operating system in addition to important Windows updates.

If you want to try the new packages you need to subscribe to the developer channel (Dev) There you will see an update entitled "Online Service Experience Pack - Windows.Settings.Account".

This particular update will only make changes to the "Microsoft Account" page in the Settings application, according to the company.

These packages (Online Experience Packs), when officially released, will be available through Windows Update and you will be able to see them if you check for updates.

However, it seems that the Online Experience Packs will be released exclusively for Windows 11, as their goal is to improve the different shells used by the new operating system.

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