Windows: What Do I Do? the desktop has disappeared

If you are using Windows, it may have happened to you… It may not have happened to you, but under certain conditions the Windows desktop does not appear. Yes you can not see the desktop, start menu or icons, and all that appears is a blank screen.Windows

This is usually caused by malware or incorrect settings in programs that prevent the Explorer.exe process from running. So since the explorer process cannot be started, the Windows desktop does not appear when you log in.

Below we will see how you can re-display the Windows desktop when it disappears.

What are we going to do; We will just try to manually start the explorer.exe process from Task Manager.

To start the task manager, press the three keys CTRL + ALT + DEL together. The Windows security screen you see below will appear.

Click Task Manager or Task Manager. When the Task Manager window opens, click More Details, as shown below:

The Task Manager will display a more detailed screen, along with a menu at the top.

On this screen, click Perform New Task to open a dialog box.

In the window that opens and in the Create New Job field, type explorer, and then click OK.

Click OK, the explorer.exe process will start and you will see your desktop and menu again.

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You can now more easily search for where the problem that caused the desktop to start started.

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