Windows: more difficult to create local accounts

Windows administrators have two options for the λογαριασμών. Μπορούν να χρησιμοποιήσουν κάποιο τοπικό λογαριασμό ή ένα λογαριασμό της Microsoft για την είσοδό τους στο λειτουργικό .

The default setting after installation enforces it to create a Microsoft account, but it is possible (to date) to create a local account as well.

However, it seems Microsoft is making it increasingly difficult to create local accounts during the initial installation and discourages users from creating local accounts.


A reference from Reddit shows that Microsoft has difficulty creating local accounts during the installation. The post user mentioned that there was no option to create a local user account after first running a Windows 10 system.

The user reported that the option to use a λογαριασμού δεν ήταν διαθέσιμη στην οθόνη σύνδεσης. Ο offline it is of course the local account that stores the code on the system and not in the Microsoft cloud.

One of the main differences between Microsoft accounts and local accounts is that the former is using the cloud while the latter is unique to the machine on which it is created.

Ένας Λογαριασμός της Microsoft προσφέρει ορισμένα πλεονεκτήματα όπως τη δυνατότητα χρήσης σε πολλά συστήματα, πρόσβαση σε ορισμένα εργαλεία και υπηρεσίες που απαιτούν έναν Λογαριασμό της Microsoft ή ευκολότερες επιλογές ς access.

But the main advantage of a local account is that it is much more private and that it cannot be violated as easily as local access is required.

An additional advantage, is that the user folder has the name of the user, and not just the first five letters of the email address used to create the Microsoft account.

Microsoft, of course, wants to bring as much as possible into the company's accounts, as well as the better for the company's ecosystem and the personalized data it collects.

What can you do

One of the simplest options is to disconnect the Internet connection during installation. Creating a Microsoft account requires an Internet connection, and if Windows 10 recognizes that it does not exist, they will automatically show you the screen for creating a local account.

In this way, the system does not download some bloatware such as Candy Crush Saga after the first boot.

Another option might be to use a Microsoft Account for the initial settings, but then create a local account for daily use. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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