Install Windows Media Player on Windows 10

Όπως γνωρίζετε ήδη η αφαίρεσε το Windows Media by of Windows 10 system. Of course there are always some alternatives that you could use, but some of you might prefer Windows Media Center itself in Windows 10.Windows Media Player

Το Windows Media Center μπορεί να περιγραφεί και σαν ο μεγαλύτερος αδερφός του Windows Media Player. Διαθέτει λειτουργίες αναπαραγωγής αλλά και πρόσθετες λειτουργίες όπως υποστήριξη για τηλεόραση, εγγραφής και περισσότερες επιλογές of multimedia.

So if you are using Windows 10 you can install an application like Kodi or Plex or a custom version of Windows Media Center that is compatible with Windows 10.

WMC is a customized version of Windows Media Player that is compatible with all versions of the Windows 10 operating system.

Before installing, you might want to make a backup of your system.
WMC will install Windows Media Center on Windows 10. The functionality of the application is pretty much similar to the official version of Windows Media Center in earlier versions of Windows.

Installation can be done with batch files. Download the latest version of WMC from the developer page. The page is in French. Here is translated into English with Google's translation service.
The latest version of WMC is 8.8.2 and you can download it here.

Run the following batch files.

Right-click on _TestRights.cmd and select "run as administrator" to test the permissions.
Right-click InstallerBlue.cmd or InstallerGreen.cmd and select "run as administrator" to install Windows Media Center on the device if the first file you ran (_TestRights.cmd) did not present any errors. The batch files InstallerBlue.cmd and InstallerGreen.cmd install the versions of Windows Media Center in blue or green.

WMC displays all installation steps in a command line window.

The application also comes with an uninstall script, which you can run to remove the program from your system. Just right-click on uninstaller.cmd and select "run as administrator" to remove the program from your system.

Note: Windows upgrades can remove essential files from the system. So Windows Media Center may not work after a long . If so, just run the installer again.

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