Windows Movie Maker: Add to Windows 10

Windows Movie Maker: Remember the app? Some time ago, Microsoft had some free applications through Windows Live Essentials. This installer contained some very valuable applications such as: Live Writer, Microsoft Writer, and of course Movie Maker.

But the company stopped releasing Windows Live Essentials.Windows Movie Maker

For some time, it was still available on the Microsoft page but today it does not exist. If you are a fan of Movie Maker and want it in Windows 10, below we can see how to download the installer that Microsoft stopped having.

Movie Maker can run normally on Windows 10 without any compatibility issues.
It should be noted here that Windows Live Essentials can be found in many software repositories, but not all of them are reliable. So you should be careful because popular applications like this are used to promote malicious code to unsuspecting users.

A secure repository that you can download Windows Live Essentials is

The page offers two download options, but both are too slow:


The file size is 128 MB, and we recommend using torrent, so you have the resume option if something goes wrong and the download stops.
After downloading, run the wlsetup-all.exe file and select the programs you want to install. Untick everything except Movie Maker.

So the installer will not install anything other than Movie Maker.

Windows Movie Maker will run smoothly on Windows 10. The application is not a professional video editing software, but it can easily perform basic video editing. You can cut an archive, record videos with your webcam, add titles, add cards, voice narration and more.

It is a tool with basic editing functions very useful for those who love simplicity and convenience.


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