Wintoys : A free utility for Windows 10 /11

Access the hidden functions of your pc

Wintoys is a free app that allows you to access many hidden features in the you.

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The free optimization application “Wintoys” for Windows 10 and Windows 11 combines many useful tools and settings, in a pleasant interface, with which you can improve the performance of your operating system. It was last updated on 27/06/2023 and is now at version

According to its developer Bogdan Pătrăucean, Wintoys gives you the control to set up, optimize, repair and modify the your system with simple movements, saving time, but also a safe approach.

Indeed, Wintoys is perfect for keeping your system running smoothly while you customize it to do what you want. It is free and you can download it from official Microsoft Store page.

But let's see what it can do….

  • With the Wintoys app you get updated statistics for the operating system and real-time system configuration, including all programs, processes and services.

  • The Wintoys app also shows a complete list of all installed apps, including Win32 and Store apps, as well as the their uninstallation.

  • Under the heading Boost, “Wintoys” has a large number of switches and functions ready to increase performance and free the system from unnecessary. For example, Startup Apps lets you quickly stop unwanted apps from starting when you turn on your computer.

  • On the tab tweaks you'll find the ability to control your ads and privacy settings to limit annoyances and use Windows privately.

  • The tab Health of Wintoys will help you to troubleshoot and fix system problems, clean startup folder. It gives you easy access to common tools like SFC and the CHKDSK without using the command line.

  • The menu desktop it also allows you to hide desktop icons and adjust the quality of your wallpaper.

  • The menu System it has many useful functions such as God Mode mode, which places an icon on your desktop that can display a list of over 200 additional settings.

Find hidden settings
Windows has many hidden settings that either allow you to enable useful features or disable annoying features.

Wintoys is a free tool that allows you to customize Windows according to your wishes. It only supports English language.

The app does not appear to collect or use telemetry data, does not store any personal data, and does not share your data with third parties.

For proper operation, it may collect your email address when sending feedback so that you can get a response from the developer if needed.

App settings are only stored locally on your device. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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