Time For WordCamp Athens 2016 Means Reverse

Time for the biggest technological event of the year counts backwards. Within a few weeks WordCamp Athens 2016 will open its gates for the first time to the Greek audience, which showed great interest in the event.WordCamp Athens 2016

Already the organizational group Expect more than 450 participants at the conference, who will be lucky enough to attend a very wide range of talks on various topics related to WordPress, from content and SEO to the proper management of their products in WooCommerce and tips for building themes.

Speakers of WordCamp Athens 2016

The conference could not have come true without their valuable help of our speakers. We received more than 60 requests for speeches and we chose 20 more interesting. We present to you the speakers and the speakers topics for which they will speak.

The Conference Program

The WordCamp Athens program announced 1 in November and includes the entire list of speeches. You can get information about the program, here.

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