WordPress 5.0.2 maintenance update

The WordPress CMS development team just released the 5.0.2 version. WordPress 5.0.2 is a maintenance version that fixes 73 bugs.

WordPress 5

The development team's primary focus for this release was the performance improvements of the block processor, which seems to have been achieved since the team reports that speed has improved by 330% in a publication containing 200 blocks.

Here are some of the additional features:

The release includes a total of 45 improvements to the block processor (14 Performance Improvements and 31 Error Corrections).
The 17 errors associated with the block processor have been corrected on all the clustered topics.
Some of his issues have been fixed i18n that require scripts to load.

To read the complete list of changes, please consult changelog.

You can download WordPress 5.0.2, or visit the Dashboard → Updates and click Update Now. Sites that support automatic updates will be updated automatically.


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