WordPress 5.1 Betty new improved version

WordPress 5.1 Betty: The new version 5.1 of WordPress, was released last night and is called "Betty" in honor of the recognized jazz singer Betty Carter. So the new version is available for download is available for download or instant update from the WordPress dashboard.

After WordPress 5.0 - a major release that brought the block editor, version 5.1 focuses on visual improvements as well as overall processor performance. In addition, this version paves the way for a better, faster and more secure WordPress with some basic tools for administrators and developers.WordPress 5

WordPress 5.1 Site Health

With security and speed in mind, this version brings the first WordPress features to Site Health. WordPress will start showing warnings to administrators running older versions of PHP, the programming language used by WordPress.

When you install new plugins, the WordPress Site Health features will control them from your current PHP version. If the plugin requires another version that does not exist on your server, WordPress will stop installing this add-on.

Performance Editor

As mentioned above the new block editor was released with WordPress 5.0. The new version continues to improve it. The new WordPress 5.1 includes improvements to the performance of the editor, something that everyone who writes articles will realize. We expect more performance improvements in the next two releases.

Developer Happiness

5.1 adds a new table to the database for storing site-related metadata and allows site data to be stored in a multisite / network environment.

Cron API

The Cron API has been updated with new features to assist in data recovery and includes new filters to modify the data stored in the cron. Other behavior changes affect cron spawning on servers running FastCGI and PHP-FPM in versions 7.0.16 and above.

New JS Build Processes

WordPress 5.1 has a new JavaScript creation option, following the major code reorganization that began with version 5.0.

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