WordPress is a new way for bloggers to make money

WordPress, one of the leading blog infrastructure providers, tries to make blogging more sustainable by allowing the easily accept recurring payments. How; With Subscriptions.

The new tool will be to everyone who has a stand-alone WordPress site (paid) but also to CMSs that use the Jetpack tools a multi-plugin of the company.WordPress

The truth is that with blogging you can hardly make money especially if you don't have what it takes .

"Especially a small publisher, or a small business, for the prospect of viability, subscriptions will be a key element in generating revenue from your site in 2019", he says Mark Armstrong, founder of Longreads and author of Automattic (parent company of WordPress). The idea is to create something simple that could be integrated relatively easily, so that the pages can immediately start generating revenue from their visitors. ”

Armstrong said an early version of the product was originally tested on Longreads.

"We had a lot like feedback," Armstrong said.

"We have had memberships and subscriptions to Longreads since 2011. So we have about eight years of experience working with members and subscriptions."

The specific product, however, is that it has a double τητα – όπως, για παράδειγμα, ένα -in PayPal on WordPress allows creators to accept payments and build communities in an easy way. It is not a competitor of the Patreon service.

Or perhaps to put it better, Armstrong doesn't see it as competitive.

“I think we are all supporters of all the other products that are in the eco of WordPress. Patreon, Memberful, and WooCommerce, which are part of our own company, will also be able to have a subscription plugin.”

These products will cater to a slightly different need and will be available on all blogs that use WordPress - not just the paid ones.

Armstrong mentions that WordPress' new recurring payments feature will work very well for local sites trying to start one income holdings or maybe a podcaster.

"Recurring payments are crucial for any small business. And that's something all our users want. "


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