Wprecon: Discover Vulnerabilities in WordPress CMS

The Wprecon (WordPress Recon), is a vulnerability recognition tool in CMS of WordPress, is 100% written in Go and is open source.


  •  Detection WAF
  •  Fuzzing Backup Files
  •  Fuzzing Passwords
  • Random User-Agent
  •  Plugin (s) Enumerator
  •  Theme (s) Enumerator
  •  Scripts
  •  Tor Proxy
  •  User (s) Enumerator
  •  Vulnerability Version Checking (Beta)


  1. go get github.com/blackbinn/wprecon;
  2. cd $ (go env GOPATH) /src/github.com/blackbinn/wprecon;
  3. make build.


You can download the program from here..

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