Xiaomi brings smart glasses with MicroLED technology

The famous company Xiaomi launches its own smart glasses with integrated MicroLED technology.

xiaomi glasses

After the launch of smart glasses by FacebookThe Xiaomi she also enters the arena of wearables accessories, launching her own smart glasses. The device will be able to take photos, display messages and alerts, make calls, navigate and translate text in real time in front of your eyes.

Xiaomi smart glasses They weigh just 51g and are powered by a quad-core ARM processor. The device will use MicroLED imaging technology and the company has mentioned two reasons for this. First, it allows Xiaomi reduce the design space required for structural design and secondly, MicroLEDs have an inherent emission property, allowing brighter screens and deeper blacks so that they can have higher pixel density and longer life while maintaining a simpler structure.

The built-in screen chip measures 2,4mm x 2,02mm and has individual pixels of just 4μm in size. Photos taken through the glasses will not be displayed in color on them, as the Xiaomi used the monochrome screen solution, saying it was done to "allow enough light to pass through complex optical structures".

Η Xiaomi has not yet revealed the start date or price of the glasses.

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