War between major torrent sites and YTS imitators

Popular pirate websites blacklisted the new YIFY (YTS) sites that emerged from the scene of the original group when the MPAA filed a lawsuit in New Zealand.Piracy yts

The YIFY team for those who do not know, had pirated movies through their YTS.to website, which stopped working as we have mentioned before.

The MPAA has managed to discover the true identity of the team leader, a young man living in the suburbs of Auckland, New Zealand. Of course, the MPAA immediately filed a lawsuit, but the two parties reached an agreement, and the site silently closed a few days later.

The removal of the YIFY group from the pirate scene left a large gap that too many people were able to cover by using domain names derived from the original group's name. So in a little while they create fake websites that use the name of the team and take advantage of YIFY's move by earning money from advertisements.

There are cases where users have fallen into malware, not torrents.

To date, the YTS.ag website is reported to be the most popular of these websites that mimic YIFY. But the pirate community does not seem to agree with the idea.

Big torrent sites like: ExtraTorrent, Kickass Torrents, and RARBG formally announced their plans to block YTS.ag movie releases from their databases.

As TorrentFreak says, they do it for two reasons.

The first is respectful of the original YIFY (YTS) team, which does not allow other teams to take advantage of their hard work.

The second reason is a bit more complicated, but apparently the people behind YTS.ag are the same people who occupied the EZTV website by the real owner.

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So now the big torrent sites seem to repay an old debt, making sure that the scammers that forced EZTV to close, will not benefit from closing the YIFY website.

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