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Cisco notification of problems with Webex

Cisco notification of problems with Webex

Cisco admits that there are problems in e-learning since the introduction of Primary Schools in Webex, the malfunctions started again.

cisco webex - Cisco notification of problems with Webex

Connection problems occurred with the entry of Primary schools in the Webex platform, in most of the territory. Here, too, parents entered the dance of complaints, as they undertook to help the young students to connect with their school and with the service having fallen, of course, they did not succeed.

Cisco has issued a statement about the serious malfunction of the service in the premiere of e-learning in elementary schools, kindergartens and pre-schools.

"Cisco is aware of the issue with Webex meetings. We thank our users and partners for their patience as we work intensively to investigate the problem and restore the service ", says Elena Prassaki, Communication and Marketing Director of Cisco for Greece, Cyprus and Malta.

"The progress of the restoration work is available at status.webex.com", He also states.

A high-ranking official of the Teachers' Federation of Greece, speaking to APE-MPE, said that according to the reports received by the federation, in most cases children and teachers managed to connect only during the first 30 or 60 minutes, with the biggest problems being located in Northern Greece and Attica.

The problems they have start from last week, when high schools and lyceums started distance learning.

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