Download Free 8GadgetPack 11 for Windows 8 / 8.1


The Windows 8 / 8.1 brought several new features, but also left behind several goodies from the very popular Windows 7, including not only the button "Start”And the menu, but also the user interface Aero and desktop gadgets.

Most of these removed items can be restored to Windows 8 / 8.1 with third-party software, most of which are specifically designed to make modern operating systems look more familiar, especially to users who are accustomed to Windows 7 environment and below. Now why anyone should use Windows 8 and want to make it look like Windows 7 is another story.

The 8GadgetPack is one of the applications that contribute to this restoration of the traditional user interface in Windows 8, bringing back desktop gadgets. As you know, desktop gadgets were introduced to Windows Vista and were available up to Windows 7, and for security reasons, the company decided to remove them in the next OS. This small tool, on the other hand, brings nostalgically back in time.

Version 11 does not make significant changes, but it does fix a critical bug that caused it to crash at startup. At the same time, it also includes updates for some of the built-in devices, so it is quite obvious that those who already had this application should upgrade it as soon as possible.

The app is available for free and includes the majority of gadgets available for Windows 7, including: clock, weather, calendar, power options, and more, a total of 54 gadgets.

You download the application in the 11.0.0 version for Windows 8 from here.

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