Deep Photo Style Transfer: What does Adobe's new technology do?

Adobe seems to have developed an incredible image processing technology that is able to transfer the style of a photo to another. The company collaborated with researchers from Cornell University and have come up with one of the coolest advances in image technology.

Sure, there are many other tools you can apply, let's say Van Gogh's style in your photos. But instead of just applying a few predefined settings to a photo, Adobe's new technology can imitate just colors and lighting in a photo from a reference image.Adobe

Suppose you have a nice picture with not so intense colors and you want it to look like a already photoshopped picture you saw on the web with vibrant colors.

Or maybe you saw a fantasy picture somewhere with a faded sunset.

Let's face it: you will never have the same effect as your camera. But with the new technology of the company, you can edit the sunset in a photo to borrow the style of the fantasy image you admire.

The impressive algorithm developed by Adobe can make great adjustments that you probably would have missed if you hand-crafted the photo. For example, the new algorithm will ensure that reflexes are absolutely accurate.

Researchers have said they use deep learning to achieve each result, especially when it comes to light and color capture methods from the reference image.

Seeing the tremendous results of this technology, we hope to hope that at some point, Adobe will release the new technology perhaps in Photoshop Lightroom for anyone who wants to convert their photos with a few button presses.

Deep Photo Style Transfer PDF

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