Web application development with node.js for free from Mathesis

The new year begins at Mathesis, which in the new course Developing web applications with node.js states:

“This course presents a modern set of technologies for developing server-side web applications based primarily on JavaScript, the language that is at the heart of web application development today.node js

The course is structured in four modules during which we build a web application and publish it online. During the incremental development of our application we have the opportunity to look at basic concepts of web applications, delve into new elements of the JavaScript language and use certain popular technologies.

In the first two weeks we will first cover Node.js, the JavaScript runtime environment we will use, and then Express.js, which we will rely on to develop our application.

In week three our application will communicate with the Postgres relational database using Sequelize.

The course will close in the fourth week where our application will be used by many users and will now be publicly available. We will also see the pronunciation of the final work.

This is the third in a series of web application programming courses offered by Mathesis. It is a prerequisite that participants have knowledge of JavaScript as well as HTML/CSS and Bootstrap technologies. The course “Developing web applications with Flask” covers similar issues, but is based on Python instead of JavaScript.

In summary, by completing this course one will be able to handle one of the most prevalent web application development technologies to build scalable applications, connect them to relational databases, and ensure the protection of their users' data.”

If you are interested you can find it here:


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