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Another national arrest for pornography of minors

According to police website another national arrest was held for pornography of minors.

police hand cuffs of minors

Greek police headquarters
Athens, 27 August 2016

From the Electronic Crime Prosecution Directorate, 48 was arrested for a long time, for pornography of minors on a continuous basis, via the internet

From the Greek Police's Electronic Crime Prosecution Directorate, a case file was filed against 48hronik, for pornography of minors on a continuous basis, via the Internet.

In particular, the Electronic Crime Prosecutor's Office, in the context of international police cooperation, was informed of the results of an extensive web-based investigation by the German Authorities on a P2P file sharing network to find users who owned or had child pornography sharing material.

Three online (3) electronic footprints, belonging to subscribers of Internet service providers within the Greek Territory, emerged from the online check.

The above was brought to the attention of the Prosecutor's Office of Athens and after a lawsuit issued by the Athens Crime Board, a thorough police investigation was carried out, in which the detainee who kept one of the disputed internet links were identified.

In a morning study at 25-08-2016 in the 48hronos home in an area of ​​Attica, it was detected that he was involved in the case, while thousands of files with hard audio-visual material (images and videos) of pornography minors.

During the investigation were found and confiscated:

two (2) external hard drives,
portable computer,
four (4) internal hard drives and
mobile phone.

The seized digital media will be sent to the competent Department of the Criminal Investigation Division for their further in-vitro investigation.

The case filed with the case filed against him was led to the First Instance Prosecutor's Office of Athens.

It is recalled that citizens can communicate, with anonymity or surname, with the Electronic Crime Prosecutor's Office in order to provide information or to report illicit or scandalous acts or activities carried out over the Internet to the following contact details:

By phone: 11188
Sending an e-mail to: ccu@cybercrimeunit.gov.gr
Through the application for smart phones: CYBERKID
Through twitter: @CyberAlertGR

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