Get rid of ads in your Gmail Inbox

Recently, Google decided to serves ads between emails in Gmail, which rightly upset a lot of people.

Below we'll look at a simple way to avoid ads if you're one of the Gmail users who resent the company's fancy idea.

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Google shows these ads to users who have enabled the tabs that allow Gmail to separate incoming emails into different categories, such as Promotion, Social and Forums.

You can disable categories by following these steps:

Open your Gmail account and click the Settings button in the upper right corner
Click “See all settings” or See all settings at the top of the sidebar
Click on the “Label” tab at the top left
Scroll to the Categories section
Click hide for Social, Updates, Forums, and Promotions under Show in message list.

This will disable tabs in your Gmail account and remove embedded ads. You can still access the different categories from the left panel if needed.

It is currently unknown if Google is just testing these ads or if it plans to make them available to all free Gmail users. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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