The deviant behavior of the people next door

It has not been many years since I fell into my hands a computer of an acquaintance who brought it to me to repair and charge windows. Actually the "fix" they needed was to clone one HDD into a SSD since the HDDs he was starting to get "heavy" on launching his platform and programs.

I had even asked him if he wanted – for better results – to upload a new – fresh copy to him SSD and then transfer whatever files it had, an offer it refused so I followed the cloning. Then I had used it macro reflect, program that I use even now when there is a related need.


Having started cloning late at night, I let the computer do its magic after setting it not to shut down after some idle time and I sat down to watch a movie on the "glass".

At some point, after 1-1 ½ hours I went to check that everything was going well in the process. I moved the mouse to turn on the screen and indeed noticed that a drive was still being cloned, only…


... except I noticed that one of the files being copied had a "strange" title. A disgusting one! Terrible! Title that referred to 14 year olds...

I'M FREEZING! I suddenly fell asleep! I was shocked and wondered if I had missed something or if my sleep was playing tricks on me.

I made coffee strong, lit a cigarette and waited like an idiot in front of the screen for the cloning to finish not wanting to open the explorer and to "search" what in the wish I had seen!

20 minutes later the cloning finished and I started digging through the files where I did indeed find that what my glance had glimpsed was a real and existing fact.

If I remember correctly, it must have been 2 hours that I wandered around the house thinking if I should inform the authorities or if I should call the owner of the machine and beat him to the punch.

Moments before the crash I decided, probably wrongly, and deleted the original disk and the cloned one, loaded a new copies of windows and I anxiously waited for 7 in the morning to call the computer porter. I called him trying to "fish" him to see if anyone else is operating his computer. He denied it to me and then I went on the attack saying to him: "τι ει αυτά κι εκείνα ρε παλιάνθρωπε που είδα μέσα στο σκληρό δίσκο ;" receiving the answer "you don't have a reason".

So then I told him clearly that I deleted the universe, and that I uploaded new ones windows enjoying the mentally ill criminal (s.s. it was about a mentally ill person as well as any person like him) sneaking me out of the car...

At some point he came and took his computer and unbuttoned it, while I did not accept the fee we had agreed upon. Days passed since then and I was one step away from informing "those who should" but a myocardial embolism overtook everything and sent the computer master to the hospital.

I remembered these and am writing them down since the "computer master" was a man next door. A person we all called: a good and calm neighbor, at the same time that the truth was different...

Just as "good children" were also those minor @@@@ children who were caught by the authorities a few hours ago for trafficking in children's material and revenge pornography.


And they did to make pocket money, as they told the competent investigators. And these are - today - children, the children with deviant behaviors, but tomorrow they will be our next-door neighbors. Or our children's door.

I feel angry because a tool that should be used to make our lives easier is being used by YOUNG PEOPLE for paranoid affairs.

So angry I say to myself : Inspector Callahan and/or Paul Kersey (from death ) in 80's moviess and many other film roles of that time.

Of the time when IF there was ... music (and the lyrics) trap, all of them would be "in"! The ... children AND THEIR PARENTS!

And since I mentioned 2 old movies, I'll close with: You don't change the world just by looking at it. You change it by the way you choose to live in it. Look up. The sky is open. Cheetah I stole that from the movie the aeronauts, of 2019.

Giorgos Th. Kanellakis

Hyg. I would be very happy if I was only troubled by what I mention above. Only if the deviant behaviors of young, middle-aged and old people were limited to the aforementioned. Unfortunately, there are many others. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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Written by George Kanellakis

Youth of several decades that even in my 110 years I will live with modern ideas but old Principles

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