Photos taken by Apollo astronauts on Flickr

Want to view the entire collection of photos taken on the Moon by Apollo astronauts with branded cameras Hasselblad, which were adapted to their chest? You are all posting to Flickr.


The Project Apollo Archive has raised over 8.400 high resolution photos taken by the Apollo astronauts during their moon travel.

Images are scanned from NASA's prototypes. It's a huge collection that even includes blurry and unusual photos.

Ο of Apollo Archive Mr. Kipp Teague reports to the Planetary Society that each που τραβήχτηκε στη σεληνιακή is in the collection, as are many other photographs taken during the journey there and back.

Here are some of the photos we met and we were interested in:

space 1

space 2

space 4

space 5 The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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