Apple: privacy is finally a myth

Developers from Mysk challenge Apple's famous focus on privacy. The developers claim that Apple's anonymized usage data for some internal apps includes a Directory Services Identifier (DSID) that is uniquely linked to your Apple ID and iCloud data. apple

Apple could potentially use this DSID to track your browsing habits in the App Store, according to Mysk. This seemingly contradicts Apple's claim that "none" of the data is personally identifiable, and appears to extend to iOS 16.

The researchers shared findings that show that iOS 14.6 sends large amounts of app activity data to Apple, even if you turn off device analytics entirely or limit its collection in some other way.

This data includes your iPhone model, keyboard languages, and other details that could theoretically be used to fingerprint your device. Gizmodo reports that many users have filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple following the publication of Mysk's privacy data. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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