AVI (Audio Video Interleave) what do you know about files?

We know all the files with the .avi extension. The name of the extension comes from its initials Audio Video Interleave. AVI is a video format that contains audio and video.

Originally developed by 1992 from Microsoft, it is the standard video format for Windows systems. The file contains audio and video using a variety of encoders, such as DivX and XviD.avi

AVI uses less compression to store files and takes up more space than many other video formats, such as MPEG and MOV. AVI files can also be created without the use of compression. This makes files uninterrupted, resulting in much larger file sizes. A lossless file will not lose its quality over time, no matter how many times you open it or store it (bad sectors or general disk problems). In addition, it allows playback without encoders.

AVI is a proprietary trademark created by Microsoft, so if you plan to open a file on a non-Windows-based system, you'll need an application.

If you are using Windows, you can double-click the file to open it with Windows Media Player. If for some reason this does not work, you can right-click the file, display the "Open Me" menu, and then click "Windows Media Player" or any other application you are using.

If you're using macOS or Linux, things are not that easy, as these platforms do not have built-in applications with AVI support. You should download an application and of course we recommend VLC Player. It's fast, free, open source and you can use it in Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS.


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  1. And I agree that if the disc is damaged then no video can not be seen, nor a photo on it.
    However, the new avi files have such strong encoders that they make them better compressed than mpeg, mov….

  2. I read in your article that they do not lose their quality as many times as we open or store it.
    Does MPEG lose quality over time and use?

    • The lossless files I mentioned for the lossless file. Avi can be compressed as lossless files. The files do not lose their quality, I should have explained it above, quality can be lost in time with bad sector storage, not by use. I corrected the article, thank you for the labeling.

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