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BgInfo is a free Windows Sysinternals tool that can customize your desktop by adding useful system information.

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If you manage a large number of Windows workstations or servers, it is sometimes useful to display basic information about the operating system and its environment directly on the Windows desktop.

But even if you're a home user you can have your system information right away, printed on your desktop, instead of clicking through multiple diagnostic windows to see important aspects of your Windows computer's configuration, such as its name, address IP or OS version, etc

Who can do all this? the BgInfo of Microsoft. It is a portable, free tool owned by Sysinternals collection and which allows text information to be overlaid on top of the user's desktop wallpaper and to replace the current wallpaper image.

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BgInfo is quite editable as you can edit any of its fields, the font and background colors, where the information will appear on the screen, and you can even write your own comments.

Download and use
Could you download from here. It is portable, meaning no installation is required.

If you configure it to your liking and place it in the startup folder, it will run on every startup to display the latest Windows information in the background.

You can also use Windows Scheduler to run BGInfo on a regular basis to ensure your systems are kept up to date.

Because BGInfo simply writes a new bitmap of the existing desktop and exits, you don't have to worry about it consuming system resources or interfering with other applications. The image it produces is saved in the folder c:\Users\χρήστης\AppData\Local\Temp\ and thus in every general cleanup it is deleted and does not consume disk space.

But you can change its storage folder from Menu > Bitmap > Location.

When you first run it you will see a year count down for 10 seconds. If you don't bother it it will change the desktop once the time is zero. If you stop it you have all the time to configure the application, save your configuration and activate it with the Apply button.

Using BgInfo
Its basic configuration is to define which fields you want it to display on the desktop. In order not to "get lost" in the many fields, we suggest you click on the button "Preview” (preview). You will temporarily see how the desktop will be configured with the current configuration.

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You can change configuration and the preview will update instantly and automatically. Once you've done this setup, you can tell it the position of the information (Potion button), which screens to mess with (Desktop button), change the font and color (menu > format), set the resolution of the final image (menu > Bitmap ) and a bunch of others.

At the end save your configuration (Menu > File > Save as) so you always have the same information.

If you want to go back to your old screen that didn't have any information written on it, then right-click on your desktop, go to Personalization, and from there select your old photo without the information as your background.

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