Bots better than humans at solving Captcha

A recent study reveals that automated robots are much more efficient than humans at solving tests Captcha, a widely used security measure on over 100 popular websites.captcha

The Independent he says:

In the study, scientists evaluated 200 of the most popular websites and found that 120 still use Captcha. They enlisted the help of 1.000 internet participants from different backgrounds – in terms of location, age, gender and educational level – to take 10 captcha tests on these websites and measure their difficulty levels.

The researchers found that many robots described in scientific journals could beat humans in these tests in both speed and accuracy.

Some Captcha tests took humans between nine and 15 seconds to solve, with about 50 to 84% accuracy, while bots took less than a second, with near-perfect accuracy.

“Robots are 85 to 100 percent accurate, with the majority above 96 percent. This significantly exceeds the human accuracy range of 50-85%," the scientists report.

They also found that the bots' solving times are "significantly lower" or almost the same as humans in almost all cases. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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