Button for… web harpoon is inserted by Facebook

If you are interested - erotically - in a user Facebook, but you don't know if it is ή δεσμευμένος επειδή δεν εμφανίζει αυτή την πληροφορία στο προφίλ του, υπάρχουν για εσάς καλά νέα: το αποφάσισε να εισαγάγει μια which lets you know if a user has a link or not.

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The Ask button will appear in the profiles of users who do not disclose their personal status (married, engaged, divorced, related, free, etc.).

The owner of the profile in question will not be able to see the button on his page, which will be visible only to the user who is interested in finding out information about him.

Doing button, the interested party will be prompted to send the… object of their desire a message (e.g. “Do you want to go out for drinks sometime?”), as well as a request to know if they are married, engaged , single etc.

An indispensable condition is that the two people are already "friends" on Facebook (the use of the button between unknowns is excluded).

The requesting user is asked to decide whether to respond to the sender, by only communicating to him (and not publicly) the information he has requested.

The disputed operation is not currently appearing on Greek Facebook.


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