CentOS Linux 7.6.1810 ISO has just been released

CentOS Linux 7.6.1810: The CentOS operating system is developed by an open source collaboration community. Typically, CentOS users are companies and individuals who do not need strong commercial support for their operating system.

CentOS is a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 100% Compatible Rebuild that fully complies with Red Hat's distribution requirements. CentOS is for those who need stability in a business-class operating system without the cost of certification and support.

CentOS Linux 7.4.1708

From 2014, Red Hat funds CentOS, allowing the development team to maintain its open-source character.

CentOS 7 is a great choice for home use, even on a Linux-friendly laptop. It will work well despite the challenges. Facing the challenges is also the disadvantage of CentOS, as it does not have the support of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

So today, Karanbir Singh he said the release of CentOS 7.6.1810, the latest update of the CentOS 7 series. The new version is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6 and includes many bug fixes.

We are pleased to announce the availability of CentOS Linux 7 (1810) in the architecture x86_64. The current release for CentOS Linux 7 is labeled 1810, which comes from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6 source code. which has already been released in all architectures. It is recommended for every user to apply all updates, including the content released today, to the existing CentOS Linux 7 mechanism, running only 'yum update'. This release was made from sources hosted on git.centos.org. Also, the SRPMs released are a by-product of build (and are also considered critical to the buildsys code and process) to match every binary RPM we have available to the public.

Download the ISO you are interested in from ftp server of University of Crete:

CentOS-7-x86_64-DVD-1810.iso   4G
CentOS-7-x86_64-DVD-1810.torrent   86K
CentOS-7-x86_64-Everything-1810.iso  10G
CentOS-7-x86_64-Everything-1810.torrent  101K
CentOS-7-x86_64-LiveGNOME-1810.iso  1G
CentOS-7-x86_64-LiveGNOME-1810.torrent  28K
CentOS-7-x86_64-LiveKDE-1810.iso  2G
CentOS-7-x86_64-LiveKDE-1810.torrent  37K
CentOS-7-x86_64-Minimal-1810.iso  918M
CentOS-7-x86_64-Minimal-1810.torrent  36K
CentOS-7-x86_64-NetInstall-1810.iso  507M
CentOS-7-x86_64-NetInstall-1810.torrent  20K
sha256sum.txt  598
sha256sum.txt.asc  1458


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