Microsoft will build on its own Chromium to replace the Edge

Microsoft is building its own Chromium browser that will replace Edge in Windows 10.

Microsoft first introduced the Edge browser three years ago, with the goal of replacing Internet Explorer and competing with other similar programs such as Chrome, Firefox, etc. While modern looks and aesthetics have transformed the Edge into at best, the basic browser engine (EdgeHTML) tried to compete with the corresponding Chromium. Microsoft eventually abandons and moves the default Windows 10 browser to Chromium.

Microsoft plans to announce plans for a Chromium browser this week in a bid to improve Windows compatibility with the market. The Windows Central reported yesterday these designs, codenamed Anaheim.

Obviously, such a move by Microsoft is the result of a growing frustration within it, with internet compatibility issues as businesses and consumers push the company to make things better. For the record, Microsoft has so far done little with EdgeHTML. Chrome is now the most popular browser on all devices, thanks to the popularity of Android and the rise of Chrome on PCs and Macs. The EdgeHTML rendering engine is behind and the company is finally ready to admit it.

After all, there were indications that Microsoft was going to adopt Chromium in Windows, as the company's engineers are working with Google to support a version of Chrome in an ARM-based Windows operating system.

Adopting Chromium as the default rendering engine for Windows 10 will put an end to Microsoft's hostility to Chrome. Recall that Microsoft has often sent alerts to Windows 10 users to persuade them not to use Chrome, and that it withdrew the Chrome installer from the Windows Store because it violated Store policies.



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